​                                                        Upcoming Speakers:

If you are interested in speaking to our club please

contact Julie Rethemeier (jmrethemeier@fedins.com)

06/06/2018     Mark Blando/OPU                  Confirmed/Dave Olson

06/13/2018     Paul Harris Awards                  Tentative/DG Kyle Haugen/Kubista

6/20/2018       Distracted Driving Awareness            Confirmed/Rethemeier

06/27/2018      Classification Talks

07/04/2018       No meeting – Happy 4th of July!

07/11/2018     Owatonna Tourism                 Karen Pehrson/Confirmed Guthier

09/12/2018     Power Up Time Management   Confirmed/Harber

09/19/2018      DG Visit                                 Confirmed/Wilson